Gabe has moved up two reading levels since he began using the app and it has become a part of our regular reading ritual. 

—  Jaqui, mother of Gabe, age 6

The only kids reading app with built-in speech recognition that listens and interacts with your child to make reading aloud fun. Designed to motivate early readers ages 5 to 8 to keep reading every day, until they read with fluency, ease and confidence.  




Welcome to Reading Racer!

Read Aloud to your Device


App uses speech recognition to listen to a reader, offers help with hard words, and awards points for words read correctly.

Unlock over 200 Stories


Choose from a variety of stories, jokes, and rhymes - unlock many more tracks as you play. 



Practice or Race? Long or Short? Customize it to the right challenge level, choose your track and racer.



Check out screenshots from the game and watch videos of some of our young readers in action.



As speech recognition systems become more familiar and widely used, people are increasingly aware of their limitations and inaccuracy. At Seashells Education, with the help of our young readers, we imagine the best possible children's speech system, capable of listening accurately to regional accents and even missing speech sounds inherent in the voices of young children. As your child reads the stories in Reading Racer, they lend their voice along with many others to help train our recognition engine. 

About Seashells Education

We believe early readers become fluent readers by reading aloud regularly. That's why SeaShells Education is dedicated to making reading aloud fun and easy for kids, using speech recognition technology and proven game design concepts.  When your children learn to read fluently, the whole world opens for them. 



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