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Gabe has moved up two reading levels since he began using the app and it has become a part of our regular reading ritual. 

—  Jaqui, mother of Gabe, age 6

The only kids reading app with built-in speech recognition that listens and interacts with your child to make reading aloud fun. Designed to motivate early readers ages 5 to 8 to keep reading every day, until they read with fluency, ease and confidence.  


Welcome to Reading Racer!

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Read Aloud to your Device


App uses speech recognition to listen to a reader, offers help with hard words, and awards points for words read correctly.

Unlock over 200 Stories


Choose from a variety of stories, jokes, and rhymes - unlock many more tracks as you play. 



Practice or Race? Long or Short? Customize it to the right challenge level, choose your track and racer.

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Check out screenshots from the game and watch videos of some of our young readers in action.

SeaShells Education


Reading Racer Technology Foundation is dedicated to improving the learning process and reading proficiency of children around the world.

About Reading Racer Technology Foundation

In 2012, technology entrepreneur Umang Gupta, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, developed a groundbreaking children’s speech recognition based game, capable of working on mobile devices without the need of the internet. This game became Reading Racer. Reading Racer makes reading aloud fun and easy for kids, and helps children learn to read fluently. Since then we have further improved our technology to better understand children's speech, and missing speech sounds inherent in the voices of young children, something very few other products do.

In 2019, Gupta was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing that he would not be able to develop Reading Racer to its fullest potential, he decided to create a platform for sharing his speech recognition software with interested users across the world. To achieve this goal, he founded the Reading Racer Technology Foundation (RRTF) in early 2022. The mission of RRTF is to promote and share Reading Racer’s speech engine and provide technical support to those building educational products.

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P.O. Box 1439

San Mateo, CA  94401


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